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Wanesha Spencer | Poet

Wanesha Spencer is not only the founder of The Ella Project, she is also our Resident Poet. Wanesha has allowed poetry to become her vehicle when addressing social issues and sharing stories of growth and personal development. Wanesha's debut audio poetry compilation, "Down My Sidewalk," is now available. 

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Poetic Expressions Class 

Poetic expression is not a gift reserved for an elite few, it is a skill that can be developed. Poetic expression is a skill everyone in all walks of life can benefit from. The Ella Project currently offers a Poetic Expression Development Course that is uniquely tailored to program locations and participants. 

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Community Initiatives

Book Your Next Trip With TEP

DID YOU KNOW? The Ella Project (TEP) is an Authorized and Trusted Travel Agent! We are committed to serving everyone that makes up a community. One way we can serve you is by offering AMAZING Deals and Discounts on your next vacation. Anytime you book through us to see the world you help someone less fortunate too!

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