Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Wanesha Spencer, Founder | Resident Poet

Wanesha Spencer is a poet, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. A native of St. Petersburg, Florida, Wanesha earned her degree from the University of South Florida before transitioning to Atlanta, Georgia.

In Atlanta, Wanesha worked vigorously with non-prfoit organizations in the city. Recently, Wanesha founded The Ella Project, which seeks to empower and build communities by reaching marginalized individuals and their families.

In addition to her entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavors, Wanesha is also a masterful poet who is often called upon to share her pieces at events around the country. Poetry is the vehicle Wanesha uses to address social issues of the day, as well as to share stories of growth and personal development. 

Wanesha's debut audio poetry compilation, "Down My Sidewalk," is now available. The collection of poems are pieces pulled directly from the pages of her life. It represents a personal journey of pain, growth, and forgiveness. 

Wanesha's unprecedented drive and devotion to encourage and motivate others is insurmountable as demonstrated by her unwavering faith in Christ—the Chief painter of her life's stunning canvas. 

"If at any point you think you know it all, you've successfully mastered the first step to failure." -WVS