The Class

Poetic expression is not a gift reserved for an elite few, it is a skill that can be developed. It is s a skill that everyone from all walks of life can benefit from.

The Ella Project currently offers a Poetic Expression Development Class that is uniquely tailored to program locations and participants to ensure that each attendee receives the most out of their experience. Each class is comprised of two components—Communication and Performance. 


The Communication segment of the class is designed to help participants articulate and convey their overall message to the audience. In this phase, individuals discover their topic of interest while zeroing in on the writing process. Attendees will receive helpful guidance and instruction as well as complete writing exercises.


The Performance segment of the class is designed to help the speakers develop the skills needed to effectively connect to the audience through poetry. Participants will work on memorization, articulation, rhythm control, and body language. 

Each individual will be given the opportunity to share their original work in small groups with their peers to receive support through encouraging and constructive feedback. 

Some classes will include a corresponding Open Mic event where participants will have an opportunity to take to the stage and share their poetry in a real performance setting.